Particle Phase Space Average Density (P2SAD)

In this site you can find an IDL code to compute the Particle Phase Space Average Density (P2SAD) in galactic haloes, introduced in Zavala & Afshordi 2013a (Paper I) as a novel measure of the clustering of dark matter. The calculation is done using a model we developed based on the stable clustering hypothesis in phase space, the spherical collapse model, and tidal disruption of substructures. The description of the model can be found in Zavala & Afshordi 2013b (Paper II).

Our multiscale prediction for P2SAD can be used to estimate signals sensitive to the small scale structure of dark matter distributions (e.g. dark matter annihilation).

Currently, the code only computes P2SAD averaged over the whole virialized region of a Milky-Way-size halo at redshift zero. The model will be updated soon to incorporate a redshift as well as a halo-centric dependence.

A wiki containing instructions to obtain the code, and a script example showing how to use it, is available at the URL .